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Nestled on the slopes of Haleakala volcano in beautiful Maui, Hawaii, Ulupalakua Ranch is a remarkable cattle ranch. Its rich history dating back to 1856, is a testament to tradition and innovation. As one of Hawaii’s largest working cattle ranches, we take pride in our legacy of sustainable farming and breathtaking landscapes. We go beyond cattle and wine as we embrace renewable energy, and our wind farm harnesses the power of nature, further enhancing our commitment to sustainability.One of the most popular attractions at Ulupalakua Ranch is the scenic drive up to the ranch from the town of Kula. The drive takes visitors through picturesque landscapes and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and ocean.Overall, Ulupalakua Ranch is a unique and historic destination on the island of Maui, offering visitors a chance to experience Hawaii’s ranching heritage and taste some of the island’s locally-produced beef, lamb, elk, venison and wine.

Ranch Store

Ulupalakua Ranch Store is a historic general store located in Ulupalakua, Maui, Hawaii. The Ranch Store serves as a gathering place for the community and offers a unique shopping experience. We carry a variety of items, including locally-made products, gifts, clothing, and ranch-related merchandise. Try our famous grass-fed beef, venison, and elk burgers sourced right from the pastures up mauka.

Our Menu

Proudly serving local grass fed meat raised on our ranch



Great, great food. Whether you get beef, lamb, venison or elk, you can't go wrong.

Joe Pedersen

Awesome Venison Burger !! Beautiful drive up .

Ivàn Tñ

The burger here is delicious. Best I've ever had. Fresh beef. Cows are across the street

mark cacovic

A fun spot to stop for a tasty bite to eat! Run across the street to the winery for a bottle of pineapple wine

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Contact Us Information

Address: 14779 Piilani Hwy, Kula, HI 96790, United States
Phone Number: +18088781202
Email: store@urmaui.com & info@urmaui.com
Hours: Grill Hours: 11am – 4pm
(Closed Mondays)

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